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We have a heart to make a difference in the lives of our Honduran farmers, their communities and their native country. By paying better than fair trade prices, providing essential business training, micro loans and agricultural resources, we’re ensuring a better future and brighter economic outlook, one chocolate bar at a time.

Our 65% has a dry cherry note

Our 70% a dry plum note – our “middle of the road” bar: not too dark, not too mild!

Our 75% a sharp cocoa note on the first bite and slight coffee accents in the back end (as it melts in your mouth)!

Our best selling 80% a dry cashew nutty flavor.

Each bar is 2.7 ounces and is made with organically grown cacao and pure cane sugar. No preservatives or additives.

Our Pure Honduran cocoa powder, the finest in the world. Robust chocolate flavor, made from organically grown cacao. Unprocessed and unsweetened. No preservatives or additives;
8 oz package.

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Each strength has its own flavor profile because of the nuanced flavor notes from each farm. To preserve the distinct flavor notes, we dry process, ferment and “flash” roast the cacao beans in separate batches by farm. After stone grinding the cacao beans we blend like farms with like farms to create the four strengths.

Our proprietary high temperature-short time roasting process allows for the elimination of any harmful bacteria while preserving all the natural flavors and benefits of the cacao beans.

All chocolate products are organically made with pure, natural ingredients locally sourced in Honduras.